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Who can post in the Opinions section?

Anyone can post in the Opinions section, including all Debate.org members and anonymous users who do not have a DebateCountry account.

December 26, 2019

Why should I become a member of DebateCountry?

Most of the interactive features of DebateCountry are for members only. In order to participate in the discussions and debates that occur on the site, you must become a member.

What is an online debate?

In an online debate on DebateCountry, one member challenges another to discuss a topic, pointing out facts and arguing points to support their side of the argument. Each debate is made up of 1-5 rounds in which each member can post their arguments and rebut the arguments made by their opponent. Once both sides have […]

How to add a new debate?

That is a good question for FAQ section.

December 13, 2019